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SugarHouse New Jersey online sports book review – Metro Bet

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MetroBet is reviewing all of the online sports books in the state of New Jersey, with SugarHouse on the docket today. We will be updating these reviews as sports book sites change and evolve. In case you missed them, here some of our other reviews:

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SugarHouse online sports book review

SugarHouse offers the biggest first deposit match bonus in New Jersey online sports betting, going up to $250. Actually getting that extra $250 proved to be a little difficult though as I got the following message.

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SugarHouse online sports book review


I then got an email a day later offering me a total of $500 in bonus. Not sure if this is a standard apology email or if they’re just trying to get me to pay another $250 on top of the $250 I already put down. Probably both.

Still, a $250 bonus is a $250 bonus. That’s nearly triple the bonus of FanDuel. 





There was almost too much security on the SugarHouse website. It was difficult to make an initial deposit as you have to not only sign up for SugarHouse but Neteller as well. You have to get a code from Neteller via email and then go back into the SugarHouse website to make a deposit. Even after all that hassle, it still did not work for me the first night. I eventually figured it out, but it took quite a while. 

By comparison, a site like FanDuel allowed you to sign up and make a deposit within two or three minutes.

Sugarhouse online New Jersey sports book review

Another issue I had with SugarHouse was the navigation of their site. It all seemed a bit clunky. It’s clear they still put more stock in their standard casino games than their sports book. You can get to play online poker or slots on their website very quickly, but trying to find a specific college football game to bet on proved to be a bit more difficult.



The big bonus is tough to turn down, but as I wrote above – you have to work for it. The website needs to get a lot more user friendly for sports bettors.

4 out of 5 Stars

SugarHouse sportsbook New Jersey review

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