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The Bachelorette’s very own colognoisseur, Jean Blanc, just released a perfume all about roses

Jean Blanc colognoisseur makes Bachelorette perfume
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We bid colognoisseur Jean Blanc adieu on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Despite the fact that he gave Becca Kufrin a hand-crafted perfume — and professed his flourishing love for her — this season’s Bachelorette said she wasn’t feeling it. In fact, she seemed put off by the intensity.

The day Jean Blanc’s awkward departure from the show aired, in true colognoisseur fashion, he announced a new fragrance for women — and it’s all about roses (if you’re confused about what a colognoisseur is, it’s basically a cologne expert). 

The perfume is called Toujours Rose, and it’s described as the “longest lasting rose-scented fragrance ever created.”

Toujours Rose is French for “forever rose” — though a number of online translation tools say it’s equivalant to “always rose.” Are you sensing the theme here?  

Jean Blanc gave further details about the fragrance launch in an Instagram video (seen below).

The announcement video, set to the sound of piano keys and beginning with a casual, “hey guys, it’s Jean Blanc the colognoisseur,” explains that this has been a passion project for a while. 

“It’s going to blow your nose away,” Jean Blanc promises of the fragrance while, naturally, holding a rose.

On the Jean Blanc Boutique website, Toujours Rose is further described as “The Scent of Confidence, Elegance, and Class.”

“This signature scent worthy perfume captures the essence of a confident and modern woman,” the site states (because us women smell like roses all the time, obviously). “It is a fresh, floral, and feminine fragrance. This alluring perfume embodies all of the delicate traits of all strong females everywhere.”

Its top notes include lemon, litchi, honeysuckle and “orange flow,” and the base notes are rounded out with jasmine and amber.

The website states that, after “the airing of the series [The Bachelorette], he was inspired to create a scent that would complement confident women as well boost their self-esteem.” And though he hasn’t officially declared it a “Bachelorette perfume,” all this talk about roses heavily implies that its launch has something to do with the show — and, perhaps the fact that he didn’t get to keep his rose (on the contrary, now any rose he gives you will last forever). 

In a statement sent to Metro, Jean Blanc wrote, “The fragrance was inspired by [my] mother and courageous women like her around the world, what we aspire to accomplish is far beyond the scope of The Bachelorette.” 

Additionally, Jean Blanc will be donating a portion of Toujours Rose sales to the #MeToo movement and a “poverty alleviation charity to be announced at a later date.”

“As a company, our motto is to ‘Empower women through fragrance,’ and the most profound and empowering movement I have witnessed in my generation was #metoo and all it represented,” Jean Blanc wrote. “So naturally, it seemed appropriate to choose the #metoo movement (Girls for Gender Equity) as one of the charities to receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of ‘Toujours Rose.'”

As of now, Toujours Rose is going for $80 a bottle. To buy it, head over to the Jean Blanc Boutique website. Maybe it’ll spice up your love life, or promote that ever-important notion of self-love.

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