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The best Christmas episodes that you can stream

Christmas is around the corner, and the holidays are in full mother-flipping swing. Sure, you could deck the halls — or, you could stay in, get cozy and binge watch Christmas episodes to get you into the holiday spirit. Here are five that you can’t miss.

“New Girl,” “Santa”
Season 2, Episode 11

The second season of “New Girl” is when the FOX series really hit its stride. And “Santa” is no different. The gang’s all together for a last, pre-Christmas hurrah, hitting up as many holiday parties as they can. As a result? This episode has everything: Nick Miller’s palpable anxiety, a Jessica Day freakout — featuring hot doctor Sam! — gingerbread cookie flavored shenanigans, and a magical appearance by Black Santa. Oh, and a disjointed, group rendition of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” in a hospital, as you do. (Netflix)

“30 Rock,” “Christmas Special”
Season 3, Episode 6

A Christmas episode with all the heart and hilarious moments you’ve come to expect from Liz Lemon and the gang? Yes please. To avoid spending time with his mother — who he, um, accidentally hit with his car — Jack forces the TGS staff to put on a live Christmas Eve special. Liz, meanwhile, gets haughty about playing Santa for disadvantaged children, and it goes about as bad as you think. As Tracey says, “What’s the past tense for scam? Liz Lemon, I think you just got scrumped.” (Hulu)

“BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish”

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that a special Christmas episode of “BoJack Horseman” existed. But now that you do know, here’s a heads-up: Don’t expect a light, heartwarming episode of television, like other standalone Christmas episodes. Instead, the episode offers BoJack and Todd hatewatching a very special episode of “Horsin’ Around,” acknowledging that holiday specials are “stupid, cynical cash grabs” — BoJack’s words, of course.  (Netflix)

“The O.C.,” “The Best Chrismukkah Ever”
Season 1, Episode 13

“The O.C.” gave us a lot of essential pop culture moments and very attractive actors in their early 20s unconvincingly playing teenagers. And Chrismukkah! In this episode, Seth introduces the concept of a holiday meant to bring together the best parts of Christmas and Hanukkah. There are also love triangles, Marissa being the worst, and Ryan wearing a puka-shell necklace and worrying about his toxic family. (Hulu)

“Arrested Development,” “Afternoon Delight”
Season 2, Episode 6

Here’s one episode of “Arrested Development” that I’ll never forget. And it’s because of Michael and Maeby performing the most uncomfortable (and entertaining) duet of “Afternoon Delight,” while Michael slowly realizes that the song is crazy inappropriate. The Bluths also come together for their annual rebuild of the banana stand — after its annual destruction — and for an annual company Christmas party that devolves into chicanery, because that’s the only way the Bluths know. Afternoon delight indeed. (Netflix)

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