The first video for Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' is here - Metro US

The first video for Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ is here


Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” premiere is still a few months away, but we’re finally getting a few glimpses of our favorite former fake pundit. He’s got himself a brand new website, complete with a video, a podcast, a behind the scenes photo gallery and a news section that’s still displaying only one welcome message. We’re guessing all this will get more filled in later, but we’re happy to see Colbert again, even if it’s just a quick glimpse of him discussing his hiatus beard, which is a vastly different color than the hair on top of his head. Watch below for our new favorite song mashup, but don’t expect too much info about the new show. So far, he seems to be keeping that under wraps.

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