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These are the fattest cities in America

Source: WalletHub

Want to feel better about yourself? Consider a move to Memphis, the newly deemed the fattest city in the United States. In fact, the South as a whole isn’t looking too good when it comes to national statistics related to health.

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WalletHub recently conducted a national study taking into account 14 different health metrics that fell within three key categories : fat prevalence, weight-related health problems (such as diabetes and high blood pressure) and healthy environment.

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Anchorage, AK ranks first with the highest percentage of overweight adults while Fort Wayne, IN has the lowest percentage. Two cities in Tennessee, Memphis and Knoxville, respectively rank first and second for the cities with the highest percentage of inactive adults. San Francisco-Oakland, CA has the lowest percentage.

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With all the metrics taken into account, New York City ranks 44th as the fattest city, Boston ranks 95 (nice!) and Philadelphia comes in at 54. Check out the full findings here.

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