This Brooklyn mural is the most depressing public art in NYC – Metro US

This Brooklyn mural is the most depressing public art in NYC

Single and broke? You’re probably not spending a lot of time in Williamsburg anyway, and this new mural is here to remind you why.

The Dating Destination Walls on the corner of North 10th Street and Wythe Avenue are a collaboration between Delta Air Lines and Tinder, just so you know where we’re starting from. “According to singles research” — sounds legit — “1 in 3 singles ranked travel as a top priority in 2017, and singles who show a love for travel are more likely to be swiped right.” 

Unfortunately for those singles (and the rest of us, let’s be real), the cost of living in NYC probably makes travel that item at the top of your to-do list that rarely gets done. 

So instead of actually going places, you can now pretend you’ve climbed the stairs to the Eiffel Tower and ridden a train through the Swiss Alps by posing in painted portraits of famous sites on the wall. Just hope any potential Tinder matches don’t actually ask you about them!

Then again, what about NYC isn’t about faking it till you make it? Pretending to be a world traveler doesn’t even rank on the list of things people lie about to get laid. It may even be a bit original — Modern Love hasn’t covered this one yet, right? 

You’ve got all summer to take aspirational selfies, or swing by on June 17 when a professional photographer will take photos that may even land you a real globetrotter who’ll take you far away from the subway saunas and bedbugs of Brooklyn. 

Wait, maybe we shouldn’t wait for a Tinder sugar daddy and just get on the first Delta flight out of LaGuardia.