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This little girl just won Halloween with her scary-good headless costume

Headless costume halloween
Photo: Pexels

The internet has officially declared one little girl’s headless costume the best look of Halloween 2018.

Maya, 2, collected candy in a seemingly normal flower dress and sandals. What made her costume so frightening, though, was that she appeared to be holding her head on a platter in front of her.

The girl’s mother, Krystel Hwang, posted a now-viral video of the costume to Facebook over the weekend after taking her daughters (Maya and 6-year-old Charlie) trick-or-treating in The Philippines’ Paranaque City.

The video has since gotten 19 million views. The same footage was also posted to Instagram, where it’s garnered over 84K views.

Hwang told Coconuts Manila that, when people saw the costume, they “were amazed how it was even possible, but in the end, they all think it’s cute and very smart.”

She revealed that she made the look from “materials you can find at home.” 

“For those who are asking…Yes, I did make her headless costume,” Hwang wrote in an Instagram post. “Maya has been excited and super game with everything even when I had to wrap her with strips and strips of duct tape to form the fake body. What a trooper!”

See footage of Maya in her headless costume below:

Every year, Hwang likes to include her children in the costume-making process.

“I ask them questions. I want them to be creative and resourceful at the same time,” she said. “It’s a learning experience for all of us, too.”

Another look at Maya’s headless costume

Watch, below, Maya and her sister Charlie (who reportedly was dressed as the bloody butcher that decapitated Maya) walk up to a woman giving out candy. Note where the woman places Maya’s treats.

“It’s been surreal,” Hwang said of the attention she and her daughter have gotten in just a few days. “We are in awe how a 9-second video of Maya that I took solely for our own viewing purposes [has] taken the internet and the whole world by storm.”

Maya, no doubt, is the ultimate Halloween goals.

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