VIDEO: 'USA Freedom Kids' perform at Trump rally in Florida - Metro US

VIDEO: ‘USA Freedom Kids’ perform at Trump rally in Florida

The USA Freedom Kids.
Screenshot , YouTube

During a recent Donald Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida, Trump supporters were entertained (?) by a song and dance performance.

The young trio – dubbed “USA Freedom Kids” – sang and danced a song for Republican candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday.

“Cowardice, are you serious? Apologies for freedom — I can’t handle this! When freedom rings, answer the call!” they sang, while performing choreographed dance moves and wearing American flag-themed outfits.

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“On your feet, stand up tall! Freedom’s on our shoulders, USA! Enemies of freedom face the music. Come on boys, take them down!” they continued. “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great. Deal from strength or get crushed every time.”

Jeff Popick, a Florida-based entrepreneur and manager of USA Freedom Kids, wrote the song. He is also the father of one of the girls in the group.

We’re not really sure what to think about this performance, but we encourage you to take it all in for yourself.

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