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Watch rapper Lil Dicky lecture the Internet about wearing condoms

Remember Lil Dicky? He’s the guy who went viral about six months ago for making a very epic music video for nearly no money called“$ave Dat Money.” He’s back, but this time he’s made a video lecturing the Internet about why you should use a condom, sponsored by Trojan.

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The video is pretty simple: Lil Dicky tells a story about his friend Jordan who had sex with a woman in a bathroom at a restaurant where he and Lil Dicky were eating brunch.

In the story Jordan didn’t use a condom and Lil Dicky says to Jordan:”OK, Jordan let’s talk about the next day. Let’s talk about the potenial condequences of that. You got up in that raw sex, texting your friends about it, ejaculate inside of her, fully satisfied. Hope you’re satisfied,” Lil Dicky winds up. “How does it feel to go to work tomorrow with HIV?” he deadpans.

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And then Lil Dicky gets serious, waxing on for the remainder of the video about why you should just use a condom.

How could it be possibly worth the risk? “Condom sex is still cool! It still feels good!” Lil Dicky yells in exasperation.

The video is pretty funny and is also a great reminder to wrap it up before you get down:

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