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Where to buy Yakult, the drinkable yogurt ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ fans are obsessed with

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The new Netflix movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, has fans swooning over rom-coms, Noah Centineo and Yakult.

In case you don’t recognize the name, that’s the drinkable yogurt Lara Jean and her family always pack in school lunches. It’s also the snack that Centineo’s character, Peter Kavinsky, tracks down for Lara Jean in a particularly cute moment of the film.

So where can you get your hands on this drinkable yogurt? You’re not the only one asking. In fact, as Bloomberg reported, the company’s stock shot up 2.6 percent since the release of the Netflix movie and Yakult’s “mention frequency” also spiked. We tracked down where to buy Yakult so you can live out your high school fantasies of netting the jock with a heart of gold, just like Lara Jean.

Keep checking back if your store is out. As some Twitter users have noted, their local stores have been cleared of the drinkable yogurt since the movie released on Netflix, but they should get restocked soon.



Wait, what is Yakult anyway?

The drink is described in the movie as a “Korean yogurt smoothie” and a brand is never mentioned. But since the drink, that Peter tries and decides he really likes, features distinctive packaging, fans quickly discovered the brand behind the tiny bottles. But is “smoothie” the really best terminology here? The drink is actually a good-for-you gut supplement, too.

yakult where to buy

Is Yakult a probiotic?

Yes, Yakult is a probiotic drink, meaning it helps support the healthy bacteria in your gut. Your gut is a constant balancing act between the good and bad bacteria in your gut. Some foods can help boost the healthy cultures, and the results ripple out. We’re talking better skin and stable energy in addition to, well, better digestion.

As Yakult boasts on their website: “When you drink Yakult daily, it makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to take over. Yakult also gives you more of the good bacteria that may help balance your digestive system.” For the record, other drinkable probiotics include kefir and kombucha.

Where to buy Yakult

We know your first go-to is e-commerce giant Amazon. While, yes, there are listings for Yakult on Amazon, we’re sorry to report that they’re already sold out. You can sign up to get an email notification when it’s back in stock, though.

Your best bet is actually to use the store locator on the Yakult website. We put in our New York zip code and found seven stores that carry the probiotic drink in Manhattan as well as three in Brooklyn. Keep an eye out for the Light version, which boasts roughly half the sugar as the regular bottles.

Your backup plan should be asking one particular Twitter user where she finds hers. She says she downs 5 of these little bottles a day, and she has to get her supply somewhere: