Where to get a next-level Thanksgiving dessert – Metro US

Where to get a next-level Thanksgiving dessert

Thanksgiving is just not complete without dessert (especially pie). If you’re thinking about adding a twist to your feast, try out a few of these different desserts this year.

Pie and a pint (of ice cream), $35

This is your one-stop pie a la mode shop, with a variety of pies like Pumpkin Pretzel, White Miso Apple and Brown Butterscotch Pecan. Then, pick the flavors of ice cream to pair with it, including Burnt Honey Rosemary and Red Cedar Vanilla. Stop here for Friendsgiving, because buying three scores you a free pint.

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Chocolate Babka Pie, $35
Breads Bakery

Their chocolate babka didn’t need to try any harder to be the best in the city, but for Thanksgiving the Union Square bakery turned it into a pie, because they love you like your very own bubbe.

Pumpkin Pie Cake, 6” cake $42, 10” cake $100
Milk Bar

If pie isn’t your thing, instead of sulking bring a cake. Milk Bar’s Pumpkin Pie Cake is layered with pumpkin ganache and graham cracker cheesecake, topped off with pumpkin seeds and pie crumbs.

Frangipane Tart, $38
Roberta’s Bakery

The Brooklyn pizzeria is better known for its savory kind of pie, but their bakery side has been winning fans with their breads. Try them for a few different types of pie for Thanksgiving, like the Frangipane, made with mulled wine and poached pears.

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Thanksgiving Cupcakes, $3.75 each
Magnolia Bakery

Cupcakes may no longer be trendy, but there’s no better answer for those who love frosting as much as cake. Magnolia Bakery’s Thanksgiving cupcakes are made with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and are topped off with festive seasonal decorations.

Tartes, $24 for 4, $36 for 6, $48 for 8
Francois Payard

Patissier Francois Payard updates the classics by sticking to traditional fall flavors. Choose from Chocolate Pecan, Pecan Caramel, Rustic Apple and Pumpkin Meringue tartes.