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Will aliens and UFOs be Hillary Clinton’s legacy or Donald Trump’s?

Will aliens and UFOs be Hillary Clinton’s legacy or Donald Trump’s?
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If the truth is out there, who will be the one to release it?

Which president will be the one to leave office with a legacy born ofdisclosing any information the U.S. government might have on alien life?

Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter both claimed to have had UFO experiences, but the most recent POTUS connection to the ET files are the Clintons.

Former President Bill Clinton talked about UFOs and aliens with Jimmy Kimmel in 2014 and two years later, his wife and Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton, also spoke to Kimmel on the subject. Many who are adamant that extraterrestrials exist have said that the Clintons could be the family to unlock the secrets held by the Pentagon.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is not a Washington insider, hasn’t really spoken on the issue, although one space enthusiast saidhe found Donald Trump’s face on the Martian landscape.

Stephen Bassett is a political activist – some would call him an exo-political activist – a registered lobbyist and executive director ofParadigm Research Group, an organization formed in 1996 “to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena.”

We asked him who would be the candidate most likely to tell the public what the government knows about life on other planets.

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Which of all the candidates would be the friendliest to the cause?

The answer is actually simple. It is Secretary Clinton. There is a substantial connection between the Clintons and the extraterrestrials – this connection does not exist between the other candidates.

Bill Clinton has never called for the release of the information, but he has talked about the issue: 2005 in Tokyo, 1999 in Ireland and also on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and the Colbert show, but what you need to know that when they are asked on, questions are arranged in advance.

The lead person that has called for release of the file is John Podesta, advisor to Bill Clinton, Obama and campaign chief for Hillary Clinton. He is the point man; he is the central figure.

Do you think there is a reason why this hasn’t been brought up during the campaign?

The Clintons are fully aware there is an ET presence. It doesn’t mean they’ve had tours of Area 51 or access to the files in the Pentagon. So they know it’s real and they had a chance to bring this out in the first term of President Clinton and they were stonewalled. They came under attack by every conceivable right wing organization, so it was buried under attacks but I believe that when the Clintons left The White House they made the decision that Hillary Clinton would be president and disclose.

John Podesta opened a press conference and spoke for three minutes calling for the release of all the UFO files because the public has the right to know and it’s the law.

This was the beginning of the Clinton strategy. That is no coincidence.

What kind of legacy could the next president expect if he or she is the one to release the information?

The disclosure president will achieve one of the – if not the – most important political legacies.

Is there information on the ET issue in John Podesta’s leaked emails?

Julian Assange made the decision to sit on them for a while and not to dump them out in a single dump, but put them out in a slow release leading up to the election.

I knew there were ET emails in Podesta’s possession.


Because I sent him some.

[PRG email to John Podesta]

What about NASA’s talk of possible life on Mars? If the public is so interested in that, why would the government continue to cover up if they have answers?

NASAis not privy to the information; however, NASA has been on board with the embargo. The people put in charge of NASA beginning in 1958 have an intelligence connection. Under the law, NASA is not allowed to engage in anything with National Security ties so NASA is between a rock and a hard place. If it encounters anything smelling like ETs, they have to turn it over to the government.

I don’tcall it a cover up; it’s an truth embargo like Cuba. Everybody knew Cuba was down there; you just couldn’t go there. The embargo will end with the disclosure.

How will Clinton make the disclosure then if she is to be the next president?

Here’s how disclosure will happen. The media is now into the story in a way they never have been before. Think Monica Lewinsky. So much is going to happen and at that point hundreds of press are going to approach the Pentagon. When that media frenzy gets underway, the Pentagon will have no choice but to go to The White House on this issue. They have been hiding for the last 30-35 years and the jig is up.

The president can’t announce it or it will be high treason, so the Pentagon and The White House will strike a deal.

Then she can act.

Not because Clinton is a magician or she is more powerful than her husband, but it’s 2017. I assure you, just like Bill Clinton was not going to face all the reporters even when the blue dress was delivered, the Pentagon can’t possibly face it. The truth embargo is just about over.

What would you say to a non-believer to convince him or her?

I don’t go by believer or nonbeliever. This is not a religion. It’s evidence. What I say to people who are not convinced to the evidence: you will figure this out in your own good time.

What if Donald Trump wins?

If Trump wins, the Paradigm Research Group is going to make an intense effort to get the Obama administration to make the disclosure [before he leaves the office].

If Trump takes over, PRG is going to relocate to Europe. Once Trump takes over, the United States is a dying fish in the bottom of a boat.