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Will the Fiera revolutionize women’s sex lives?

I’ll admit the extent to which I understand the human vagina is limited.

So imagine my bewilderment when I attended Nuelle’s unveiling of a new sex device for women called “Fiera.”

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Call it an arouser. Call it a “before play” toy. What ever you do don’t call the Fiera a vibrator.

The Fiera is a small hands free device the size of a Halloween candy bar that suctions to a woman’s genitals and stimulates it. The head of the device, which is made of silicone, comes in three sizes to accommodate for each woman’s unique vagina. The vibrations come in several degrees of speed, and at least three different rhythms.

But once again, Nuelle insists — it’s not a vibrator.

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“What’s a vibrator for?” Dr. Leah Millheiser quizzed me.

“To stimulate the clitoris,” I said robotically.

“To get her to?”

“To get her to open up I guess?” I shrugged.

“And have a?” she pressed on.

“Orgasm!” I exclaimed so happy to get something right about women for the first-time ever.

“What sets [the Fiera] apart from a vibrator is that we don’t guarantee an orgasm. Vibrators guarantee an orgasm.” Dr. Millheiser explained.

That’s why it’s called an arouser, or a “before play” device.

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Women aren’t supposed to get off with the Fiera (although a third of the women in Nuelle’s trials with Fiera did have orgasms), rather the Fiera is meant to get women sexually aroused and ready for sex.

Dr. Millheiser gave an example of a woman coming home from work (at her least horniest) who knows that her partner wants to have sex.

“She says ‘I’m not really in the mood what am I gonna do? I guess I could just get into it with him or her and hope that desire builds up. Or I can go use this for five minutes”

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Five minutes is apparently all it takes for the device to suck on to a woman and help stimulate and engorge parts of her vagina.

This is the game changing aspect that Nuelle highlights. They propose that the Fiera puts women’s sex drives back in the hands of women. Whether or not that proves to be true has yet to be seen (or felt).

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