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All the ways to watch the premiere of Fresh Off the Boat season 5

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You can’t help but fall for the charm of Fresh Off the Boat if you give it a chance. The TV adaptation of chef Eddie Huang’s book by the same name features not only some of the cutest child actors on the small screen but also the lovable stunts of Louis Huang, played by Randall Park. But before the Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere airs, make sure you know what to expect and all the ways you can tune in. We’ll fill you in.

Constance Wu, who plays Eddie’s mom Jessica (and recently made waves in Crazy Rich Asians, gushed to Digital Spy about the show’s syndication. “We are the first ever Asian American network TV show to reach syndication. The first ever – not just the first in 25 years,” Wu told the publication. “Syndication is kind of like this gold medal of television. It’s a really big deal! So the fact that this season brings us to that is really tremendous, and we’re all really grateful and happy to be with each other through this moment.” There’s no doubt that the newest installment of the series will see the same genuine performances and irresistible laughs as the first four seasons that won them the coveted contract, starting with the Fresh Off The Boat season 5 premiere.

Creator Nahnatchka Khan says they’re continuing right where they left off going into Fresh Off the Boat season 5 episode 1. “We’re going to continue the theme of growing and start to explore what that means,” she told TV Insider in anticipation of the new season. “I think we find it interesting within a family unit, there is an established dynamic of when you’re a kid. And as you get older, those dynamics start to shift and change, creating a ripple effect among the family.”

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What does that look like for the plot? “As Eddie starts to mature and come into his own, we’re going to explore that with him in various storylines. What does that do to the rest of the family, the younger boys?,” Khan teased. “There is a void to be filled. Does one of them fill it or go in an opposite direction. What does that do to the parents?”

But you should also expect to see the effects of Jessica’s upcoming book ripple across the family dynamic as well. Plus, they’re both be dealing with an age-old problem: What happens to the parents when the kids grow up and don’t need them as much anymore?

Fresh Off the Boat season 5 trailer

Want to know what quirky adventures the new season has in store for the Huang family? Or maybe you just want to see a promo for the Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere so you can enjoy the hip-hop soundtrack. Either way, watch the official ABC promo below to get a tiny glimpse of what Fresh Off the Boat season 5 episode 1 and beyond is bringing to the table:



Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere date

Turn your TVs on and set the channel to ABC on Friday, October 5. The Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere kicks off right at 8pm ET. In the episode, called “Fresh Off the RV,” we’ll see the family crammed into an RV and hitting the road to promote Jessica’s book. The official description teases more:

Jessica’s book is finally released and she looks forward to a bookstore reading; Louis is so excited to promote the book across the country that he buys an RV from Los Angeles Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who owns an RV dealership.

How to watch the Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere

You know what to do if you’re at home and by your small screen. Luckily for you busy go-getters out there, ABC offers plenty of ways to tune in if you’re not able to be on your couch on Friday night. If you’re near a laptop, just use ABC’s Live Stream to access the episode as it airs. You will need to have your cable service provider information handy, though, in order to login before you start streaming.

If you have to be on the go, though, you can still catch the premiere of Fresh Off the Boat season 5 as it airs. Make sure you have the ABC Go app on your phone or tablet, and use it to watch all the action. You can download the app through the iTunes Store, Google Play, or Amazon.

If you have a subscription, you can also use Hulu Live TV to watch the episode on Friday night. If, however, you don’t have this add-on service, you can still use your normal subscription to the streaming service to watch the premiere, just a little late. Avoid spoilers as best you can and then head over to the show’s landing page on Hulu to hit play on the Fresh Off the Boat season 5 premiere on Saturday, October 6.

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