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Can you guess which drink is discounted for Starbucks Happy Hour today?

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Did you catch the last heads up we gave you about Starbucks Happy Hour? If so, we hope you enjoyed your discounted drink and used it on one of the new decadent Frappuccinos. If not, well guess what, here’s another chance because it’s Starbucks Happy Hour today.

As you know if you follow us, we’re big on the coffee giant’s campaign to bring you discounts on various drinks right when you need them the most: the dreaded 3 p.m. Although we’re fans of using the Starbucks Happy Hour offerings to power through that mid-afternoon slump, it’s also a good excuse to gather your friends after work to catch up. That’s right, if it’s Starbucks Happy Hour today, the discounts last from 3 p.m. until close — but only on that one day.

We have a full explainer on Starbucks Happy Hour in case you need more details. We break down the back story of why they brought it back as well as two different ways you can get in on the deals.

Even better news for people new to this coffee campaign: Starbucks has run it before, but this time they announced that it would continue on through the end of the year. That means you can count on saving some cash on some of your favorite Starbucks iced sips all summer and maybe some specialty seasonal beverages in the winter. Sweet, right?

So what drink is on discount for Starbucks Happy Hour today?

Make a mental note to head over to your nearest location at 3 p.m. if you’re someone who needs a caffeine pick-me-up because Starbucks Happy Hour today is all about those espresso drinks. And this time you’re going to want to bring a friend, because it’s BOGO (as in buy one get one totally free) when you buy an espresso beverage Grande or larger.

starbucks happy hour today espresso

You will of course have to make sure you get the Starbucks Happy Hour promo code uploaded into your account (check with our guide above for two easy ways to do that), and that the drink you’re getting for free is of equal or lesser value to the one you’re buying. Sorry fans of their brewed coffee, bottled drinks, Starbucks Reserve or Frappuccinos, this week’s deal doesn’t apply to your favorites — but your week will come. Keep checking back with Metro for updates about each of the Starbucks Happy Hours.