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Diane Kruger slams Instagram hater who bashed her breakup

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have officially ended their 10-year relationship. And Kruger is clapping back to Instagram haters who question whether there was cheating involved.

One user who has since deleted their account, made a (surely regrettable) comment on Kruger’s Instagram that insinuated foul play. Kruger’s lengthy response—posted on a photo of emotional Jimi Hendrix lyrics, mind you—shut down the hater, reminding him that he does not know her whole story.

“Dear @priv1982,” Kruger wrote, “you have no idea what is really going on, nor do you know me or Josh. I don’t know how your mother raised you and you are certainly entitled to your ignorant opinion, but don’t forget that even though we actors are in the public eye, we are also humans.”

Kruger’s Instagram has been full of sentimental posts re: her relationship over the past three days—a sensitive balance of uplifting and tear jerking. It seems that Kruger won’t let any salty fans mar her social media presence, and she’s not afraid to rightfully remind them that, yes, she is human too.

Check the full response below.

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