The artist formerly known as LiLo is at it again.

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan scrubbed her entire Instagram, leaving her 5.7 million followers the words: “Alaikum salam,” an Arabic greeting that loosely translates to “peace be unto you.” And if you’re thinking:“what even is happening?!" — you’re not alone.

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Is this simply a break from social media? A cry for attention? Some thrilling combination of both? Hard to say.


In 2014, she described herself to Oprah as a “very spiritual person.” And as recently as 2015, Lindsay was carrying around the Quran as a chic yet functional accessory. Many are speculating the maybe-former actress has converted to Islam, withsome Muslims rallying around the “Herbie: Fully Loaded” star in full support.

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Gossip Cop says Lohan's rep confirmed the star has not converted, citing her ex-momager Dina as saying she's just taking a break from that Insta-life— but who knows!

As always Lindsay Lohan manages to be a half-frown emoji of mystery. Never change, girl.

-Originally published Jan. 17, 1:18 p.m.

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