Lindsay Lohan probably didn’t convert to Islam, OK?

Or maybe she did. Honestly, who knows.

The artist formerly known as LiLo is at it again.


Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan scrubbed her entire Instagram, leaving her 5.7 million followers the words: “Alaikum salam,” an Arabic greeting that loosely translates to “peace be unto you.” And if you’re thinking:“what even is happening?!" — you’re not alone.


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Is this simply a break from social media? A cry for attention? Some thrilling combination of both? Hard to say.


In 2014, she described herself to Oprah as a “very spiritual person.” And as recently as 2015, Lindsay was carrying around the Quran as a chic yet functional accessory. Many are speculating the maybe-former actress has converted to Islam, withsome Muslims rallying around the “Herbie: Fully Loaded” star in full support.

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Gossip Cop says Lohan's rep confirmed the star has not converted, citing her ex-momager Dina as saying she's just taking a break from that Insta-life— but who knows!

As always Lindsay Lohan manages to be a half-frown emoji of mystery. Never change, girl.

-Originally published Jan. 17, 1:18 p.m.

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