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Ginnifer Goodwin on ‘Zootopia’ and acting while being a mother

Ginnifer Goodwin
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Ginnifer Goodwin is such a Disney fan she accepted the lead role in “Zootopia” before she even knew what the part was. In their latest animated movie, she plays Judy Hopps, an anthropomorphized bunny who won’t let her tiny build keep her from being a cop in an all-animal metropolis. That also means the star of “Big Love” (and the more family-friendly “Once Upon a Time”) made a movie her mom can watch — as well as her kids, one who’s still in utero.

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You’re 2/3rds of the way through your second pregnancy. Do you find yourself thinking about roles that don’t take you far from home?
Much to my representatives’ chagrin, I think I’m going to retire from traveling. I want to continue on television when “Once Upon a Time” inevitably but unfortunately ends. But I’m going to refuse to leave Los Angeles after this. Our lives as actors are already bats— crazy; our kids don’t need to be uprooted from school. Once they enter school they’ll stay in school. Otherwise they’re not going to be normal.

Do you ask some of your fellow actors who have kids for advice?
One of my big role models is Jeanne Tripplehorn, who became one of my favorite humans on the planet after we began making “Big Love.” She has the most inspiring family. Her husband [Leland Orser] is also an actor, and one of them is always in Los Angeles with their son, who has this brilliant, normal life. He’s the coolest kid. I want that. I want the coolest ever kid.

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Do you also find yourself thinking about making films and shows your kids can one day watch?
Oh, sure. I started that when I started nesting, even before I was pregnant with my son Oliver. When I was on “Big Love” I suddenly realized no kid of mine would be able to watch that until he or she was much older. Then I started looking at all the other things I’ve done. I’m super proud of my career, but even the romantic comedies aren’t family-friendly. I wanted to at least expand myself into the family-friendly world. That was a huge part of me taking “Once Upon a Time.”

Disney feature-length movies have been a fixture of the culture since 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Do you have a long history with them?
Oh, I’m a Disneyfile. Yesterday I failed miserably during a Disney trivia quiz, so I’m not an expert, but I’m obsessively in love with all things Disney. I always thought the ultimate dream role would to be a character in a Disney animated film. I never thought it would happen in my 30s.

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I read you wanted to be a Disney princess. It might be cooler, though, to be Judy Hopps, who’s not a princess but someone who’s actively involved in creating her own destiny.
I agree — though I don’t want to diss the princesses, because I love them. She’s a more dynamic, well-rounded Disney female. She’s an action hero. She’s uncompromisingly kind, she’s strong, she’s good and she’s girly. She’s a mishmash of characteristics you never see, especially in an action hero.

She’s also optimistic but frustrated, a type you play often, like in “He’s Just Not That Into You.”
I definitely get typecast, and I love it. I just play wonderful characters. I don’t mind that they overlap and are overly optimistic and sunny and animated.

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