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Iggy Azalea gets the last laugh

Iggy Azalea gets the last laugh
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When famous people break up with each other, the stakes are always a little higher than they are for the rest of us normal folks. Rapper Iggy Azalea may not be making hits as of late but she sure is making headlines — breaking up with her fiance, Nick Young, point guard for the Lakers yesterday, in the most epic way possible.

Since leaving his things in the driveway of their Los Angeles home to be picked up by a U-Haul, the two have come to an agreement — she gives back the 10.43 carat engagement ring, valued at half a million dollars, and he gives back the ‘62 Impala that Azalea gave Young as a present.

Here’s the rub though — by California law, Azalea had to give back the ring anyway. Young could have kept that sweet, classic car. Oops.

Looks like the “Fancy” rapper is “passing the bar like a lawyer.”

Should have done your homework, Young!