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Is Aquaman on Netflix? Here’s all the waves you can stream the newest superhero movie

Is Aquaman on Netflix?

Aquaman is the newest DC Comics installation with a shirtless Jason Momoa playing the titular character. Momoa was on Game of Thrones if you didn’t already recognize the actor, not that we’re complaining. Although DC comics are notorious for box office flops (we’re looking at you, Batman v. Superman), as of Jan. 13, 2019, Aquaman grossed over $1 billion worldwide. But how do we stream? Is Aquaman on Netflix?

What is Aquaman about?

If you haven’t seen the superhero action movie yet, Aquaman is about Arthur a.k.a Aquaman (Jason Momoa), who is the son of a human father and an Atlantis queen. Arthur is a trained warrior with the ability to communicate with marine lifeforms. Despite his heritage, Arthur rejected his city of Atlantis after he discovered the king executed his mother for having a ‘half breed’ son. But Arthur must return to Atlantis when his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) declares war on the surface world. The only way to stop him is to find the Trident of Atlan and take his rightful place as King. Although DC Comics struggled in the past with movies like Batman v. Superman, Green Lantern and Justice League, which were all legendary box office flops, Aquaman and Wonder Woman seem to be a new pattern for the studio.

Is Aquaman on Netflix?

Is Aquaman on Netflix?

Now that you’re caught up on our fish friend, it’s time to answer the question: Is Aquaman on Netflix? The answer is unfortunately, no. Aquaman is still in theaters so it won’t be on any streaming service for a few months. But the movie production company Warner Bros. will release their own streaming service by the end of 2019. This means that Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and other DC Comics movies are likely to be available to stream on this platform. This also means many of Warner Bros. other movies that are on Netflix now will likely vanish from the site at the end of 2019. So don’t worry, Aquaman is coming, and be sure to watch those Warner Bros. movies on Netflix while you still can! 

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