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Jennifer Aniston didn’t think about motherhood during ‘Mother’s Day’

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston is back on rom-com duty in “Mother’s Day,” an ensemble comedy about various people dealing with family, love and other headaches. She’s Sandy, a divorced mom nonplussed her ex (Timothy Olyphant) has wed a much younger woman. Aniston gets to reunite with her “We’re the Millers” costar Jason Sudeikis, as well as work with the legendary Garry Marshall, here rounding out his unofficial trilogy of holiday movies (“Valentine’s Day,” “New Year’s Eve”).

Did your maternal instincts come to the fore in “Mother’s Day”?
All my friends are moms, so in that sense it didn’t change my thinking about motherhood. When it happens, and if I become a mother, then I’ll probably celebrate “Mother’s Day”. For years I have played roles as mothers — it’s incredible.

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What did the role of Sandy offer you?
She’s a divorcee with two daughters, who receives the news that her husband’s remarried. She’s a strong and sensitive character. I can honestly say that I almost didn’t even look at the script when I was asked to make the film. The mere idea of working for Garry Marshall made me accept the project. They vaguely said that it was about different Mother’s Day stories and that Garry was directing, and that was enough.

You are reunited with Jason Sudeikis. What was it like to be working together again?
What I can say in a few words is that my husband Justin Theroux is the man who most makes me laugh, and then it would be Jason Sudeikis. So just imagine what it was like filming. I believe that laughter keeps you young, so I like having them around all the time.

How do you see the role of being a mother today?
I think the circumstances are different. There are some similar problems but I don’t think it comes down to positive or negative — it’s just different. Many people from our generation have divorced parents and therefore always appreciate women who are single working mothers.

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You were recently named the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine. What’s your secret?
There’s no magic, just work. I get up at five in the morning to do yoga and Pilates; I also watch what I eat. I’m not too extreme, but I like to look and feel good.

At this stage in your career, do you prefer steady jobs or a few projects per year?
I like being at home and enjoying the family, but work is an important part of my life. Yes, I have taken fewer projects than previous years, but I still accept good proposals. Soon other roles will come, like [playing] the mother of a young soldier fighting in Iraq in the movie “The Yellow Birds”, produced by me, as well as the film “Mean Moms”.

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