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Latest Donald Trump meme sweeps through Hollywood

Donald Trump Hollywood Star

The Hollywood Walk of Fame became the Source of Meme last week, when a Donald Trump fan cleaned his star on the gilded Los Angeles sidewalk, inspiring parodies with different things to be cleaned and the surfaces containing them.

On June 28, an Instagram user named Makenna Greenwald posted a photo of herself swabbing scribbles and scuffs from Trump’s star. Her comment “Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight.”

Not since “Call me Ahab” have so few words given interpreters so much to work with.

The post was retweeted more than 50,000 times, by the likes of Fox News host Sean Hannity and Trump’s son, Eric. Soon after, conservative critics could not leave well enough alone, posting photos of people treating Trump’s star less than deferentially, comparing them to Greenwald’s photo.


In response to someone spitting on and flipping the bird to Trump’s star, conservative critic Mike Cernovich commented, “Two Americas — which will you choose?”

When the textbook on Instagramming is written, this will be held up as that textbook’s example of “baiting.” Many users immediately began posting pictures of themselves cleaning their favorite stars’ stars, alongside the Donald Trump Hollywood star cleaner’s original caption.

“Stopped to clean his star. Nothing but respect for MY president. #raisedright” posted @davis_morgan14. Her president: Shrek. (She was not the only one.)


Another’s was Meryl Streep.


Other items were incorporated. One man caressed a New York City manhole.


Predictably, a Trump sign and a dog surfaced.


One woman cleaned a locker (perhaps of a student-government president?):


Another swept her mom’s floor:


And perhaps owning them all, one man stopped to polish the star of Martin Sheen, a.k.a. Progressive President Josiah Bartlet of “The West Wing.”


And someone paid tribute to Sheen’s son.


To the extent that childhood education now must contain the ability to create dank memes, it’s clear that at least some kids are being #RaisedRight.

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