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Sorry, Taylor Lautner says he won’t go shirtless for just anything

In the new melodrama, “Run the Tide,” Reymund (Taylor Lautner) has been taking care of his younger brother Oliver (Nicos Christou) while their addict mother Lola (Constance Zimmer, “UnREAL”) has been in prison. But when Lola is about to be released, Reymund fears another cycle of abuse, and kidnaps Oliver to protect him.
Lautner makes Reymund sympathetic as he makes a series of bad decisions, while Zimmer gives a thoughtful performance as a mother who wants forgiveness. We talked to the actors about making “Run the Tide.”
Constance, what appealed to you about playing a drug addicted mother getting out of jail and trying to reconnect with her family?
Constance Zimmer: [Laughs]. When you say it like that! I’ve never had the opportunity to play a character like this who is broken, flawed and looking for redemption from the people she hurt the most and loved the most. She’s stripped of everything—not just her makeup and hair, but emotionally as well.
Taylor, Rey carries a huge chip on his shoulder. What are your thoughts on forgiveness, letting go, and second chances?
Taylor Lautner: I don’t hold grudges. I’m like a Golden Retriever: Smack me in the face one day and the next I’ll beg you to play with me. I forgive too easily. I think it’s a good quality. Everyone deserves a second chance. That’s what Lola is going through. Forgiveness is a positive thing.

Constance, Lola is full of regret. What are your thoughts on regret?
Zimmer: If we lived with regret we wouldn’t move forward. The only way to move forward is to forgive. If we don’t look for the hope in people, there’s no hope for the world. If we hold on to stuff, it’s hurting us, not the other person. We have to let it go, otherwise it will eat you alive.

Taylor, Rey has issues with trust given Lola’s behavior. Are you trusting?
I tend to put up walls. I tend to take relationships a notch slower than normal and make sure someone is in it for the right reasons. Then I let down the walls and give everything.

Constance, what observations do you have about Lola’s parenting choices?
Parents make choices for their children that might be really hard, but might help them in the end. She wants to give Rey back his life and have Rey give her back her life. She needs to heal with Oliver, who is hurting.

Taylor, do you feel pressure to carry a film as a leading man after your “Twilight” success?
Lautner: With this film, I didn’t feel pressure; it was a passion project for everyone involved. The story is based off of the writer’s life. We were a team that wanted to tell this story and touch people.

What about your heartthrob status and penchant for displaying your abs?
I find myself rebelling against it now. It if doesn’t make sense for me to be shirtless, let’s not do it. I have done so much of that in my time. I didn’t feel that in this.

You also sing quite badly twice in the film. Are you a terrible singer?
Lautner: I am the worst singer you’ll ever meet in your life. But I love a good karaoke night and showing off my bad skills.

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