Taylor Swift caught up in Orlando-Katy-Selena drama - Metro US

Taylor Swift caught up in Orlando-Katy-Selena drama

Taylor Swift doesn't want any part of your drama.
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So that rumor about Orlando Bloom getting hot and heavy in Vegas with Selena Gomez despite the fact that he’s dating Katy Perry? Apparently, Perry isn’t mad at him about it.

Instead, she’s channeling all of her anger and blame at the entertainment world’s favorite punching bag — because why not? “Katy is putting the blame for this on Taylor Swift,” a source tells Radar Online. “She said that Selena has wanted her man forever,” but apparently she wouldn’t have acted on those desires were it not for her friendship with Perry-loathing Swift.

Makes perfect sense, right? “But Orlando told Katy that he would never, ever cheat on her because he is in love with her.” Man, it must be so easy to get out of trouble when your girlfriend bears an unyielding hatred for Taylor Swift.

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