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The ‘Insecure’ finale was hella messy

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Sunday night’s finale of “Insecure” was just fine. But among the fantasies of married life and being able to choose stability over passion, the last episode of the much improved second season established, once again, that these characters are flawed AF. Sure, we can root for Issa or Molly — or Lawrence for that matter. But they’re going to continue to be messy. And they’re going to messy for a good, long time.

In honor of the finale, we’re asking five major questions about the finale: Who, what, when, where and why? You know, like in grade school.

Who does Issa think she is?

OK, but really — in her mind she’s fantasizing about the simple life with Lawrence, a life with their couch, a wedding, gratuitous shots of his tush and a dang baby. But in real life? She’s crashing with Daniel. This cannot go well. Who is Issa, really? And what does she want? It’s pretty clear she has no idea.

What is Daniel’s deal?

Speaking of, he should know better than to take in Issa at this point after her countless aggressions. Pining after someone is perfectly normal, but Issa has kind of been the worst to him. What is his motivation for rewarding her consistently horrible, selfish behavior?

When is Molly going to learn?

Molly has always been fixated on what her relationships look like, as opposed to whether or not they nurture her emotionally. It’s a mess! She finally finds a guy who likes her and supports her — but she’s kind of over him because he has a “pastor body.” Thing is, nobody is perfect — she opts for Dro, who is gargantuan, height-wise, and oh, also has a wife. Which is basically as emotionally unavailable as you can get, traditionally.

Where was Tiffany during the finale of “Due North?”

“Due North” — the fake show within the show that was essentially a comedic soap opera about slavery — was one of the best parts of this season of “Insecure.” But Tiffany, the sole married member of Issa’s crew, was mysteriously missing. The finale revealed she’s pregnant, but it feels like there’s something shady going on — and her relationship with her husband looks picture perfect on the outside, but it would be unsurprising if it was less perfect from the inside.

Also who misses the “Due North” finale? Some sort of monster?

Why was Lawrence wearing a turtleneck, while Issa was wearing a (very cute) strappy number?

As a longtime resident of New York, perhaps I just don’t understand Los Angeles weather patterns. Was this just an excuse to make Lawrence look like Carl Thomas, circa his 2000 release of “Emotional?” Because it worked. Lawrence looked great. Issa looked great too, but these two are not only on two different levels mentally, but they’re also on two separate hemispheres.


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