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Why Davos Seaworth is the ‘quiet hero’ of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Liam Cunningham on Game Of Thrones

The bromance between Ser Davos Seaworth and Jon Snow is one of the purest and most fascinating that “Game Of Thrones” has to offer.

While Davos might have started off the show on Stannis Baratheon’s side, he is now firmly indoctrinated in the ways of the King Of The North. Especially after he watched Snow come back from the dead.

When I spoke to Liam Cunningham recently I asked him what he thought about Jon Snow and Ser Davos’ bromance, and the 56-year-old took this as an opportunity to breakdown why the character has proven to be so popular.  

“He brought Jon back from the dead as well. He is a quiet hero. That’s what I like about him. And people say he is the moral compass of the show. You’ve got a couple of others like that, as well, with Samwell Tarly, too. A lot of the cast are morally ambivalent. So you need a couple of straight shooters. In many ways Davos talks for the audience. I sort of see him as the representative of the audience. Or the conscious of the audience.”

During my discussion with Cunningham he also discussed the impending conclusion to “Game Of Thrones,” insisting that it will much more difficult for his younger cast mates to handle it, explained why Jon and Daenerys’ bout of incest will take a backseat in season 8, and also provided a more sweeping update on the production, too.

Over the last few weeks it has emerged that the final season of “Game Of Thrones” probably won’t be released until 2019, something that Sophie Turner confirmed during her recent interview with Variety.

For most fans of the show that’s an excruciating wait, but at least it means that anticipation will be at a fever pitch when “Game Of Thrones” finally airs on HBO.


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