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All the ways to watch the premiere of Station 19 season 2

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Grey’s Anatomy might be ending soon, but at least you have the spinoff Station 19 to keep you going. This firefighter-centric show, which features crossover characters from Grey’s, launched onto our small screens last year with all the drama we expect of a Shondaland creation. Now it’s time for their second season. Will there be riveting drama or will they hit the dreaded sophomore slump? You’ll just have to tune into the Station 19 season 2 premiere to find out.

But we know what you’re wondering first: Do you get answers about who survives that horrific skyscraper fire that left you reeling in the season 1 finale? Yes, executive producer Stacy McKee confirms, and they’ll address it right away in the Station 19 season 2 premiere because it shapes what comes next. “It was a heightened experience for them all,” she told TV Insider. “We’ll be examining how this event altered them.”

So while the first season was about the cast vying to see who would take over as captain, the second will give you some of their background. (But, yes, a new captain will be selected as the crew adjusts to life after the skyscraper incident.) “We’re diving into their pasts,” McKee explained, while promising more Grey’s crossovers. “We are going to mess with their love lives [and] home lives.”

Watch the Station 19 season 2 trailer

ABC has already given us a sneak peek at what’s to come in Station 19 season 2 episode 1, and surprise, surprise it picks up right where the show left off. Check out all the action in the promo below and keep your eyes peeled for one of the Grey’s Anatomy crossovers:



Station 19 season 2 premiere date

If, like many fans, you block off time to watch episodes of Station 19 when they air, then make sure you’re on your couch this Thursday, October 4. The station 19 season 2 premiere will kick off right at 9pm EST on ABC. Since they’ll be wrapping up the cliffhanger from season one right away, you’re not going to want to miss a second.

How to watch the Station 19 season 2 premiere

If you’ll be home and you have cable, just tune into ABC at 9pm ET to catch Station 19 season 2  episode 1 from the beginning. Travelling and unfamiliar with the channels? Just look up the local ABC channel using the cable provider’s guide. DIRECTV provides a channel guide, as does Xfinity.

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But maybe you can’t escape running errands or working late. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Station 19 season 2 premiere as it airs. You can use ABC’s Live Stream if you’re by a computer to watch all the action. Running around? Give the ABC Go app a try. You can watch the episodes as they’re airing in TV or tune in later from your phone or tablet. The app is available in the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon.

If you have it, you can also tune in as the episode airs using Hulu Live TV. If not (it’s not included in your normal monthly subscription), you can catch up on what happened just a couple short hours later. Hulu will make the Station 19 season 2 premiere available through the series’ landing page on Friday, October 5.

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