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Delicious seasonal drinks are at Starbucks and you can save $$$ on them today

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Grab your scarf and your Uggs (if you’re into that sort of thing), because fall is officially here, as heralded in by the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Somehow the beloved Starbucks beverage became the signal that the seasons were finally shifting to cooler. Though the sweetly-spiced drink gets all the attention, the coffee chain has a number of sweet options that capture the signature flavors of fall. And it’s the perfect time to break out of your PSL rut and try something new because you can save some dough on the other options through Starbucks Happy Hour today.

The bean behemoth will you do you one better than that, though. They’re proving how much they own the fall beverage game by letting you save money on hot and iced espresso drinks today. That’s perfect for these in-between weeks. We see some of you still rocking shorts and others leaning into the sweaters like you’ve been waiting all summer for the chance. So do you with your drink order, you’ll still save money.

But before you order, sip and profit, you’ll need to get on the list of lucky people who get Starbucks Happy Hour today. Luckily for you, you create your own luck with Starbucks. Getting on the list for drink discounts is as simple as signing up, and there are two easy ways to do it. We’ve outlined both to make it even easier with our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour.

How to enjoy Starbucks Happy Hour today

The first and hardest step of cashing in on these delicious deals is picking your preferred drink. You’re going to have to order a size grande or larger to save 50% off of your espresso beverage, but with options this delicious, that’s a no-brainer. Will you choose the nutty Maple Pecan Latte? The Salted Caramel Mocha that takes chocolate and ups the ante with toffee? Or no shame enjoy your beloved PSL while saving some dough?

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You have plenty of time, since you can only redeem this offer during happy hour for Starbucks. Weigh your options, and consider their new Cordusio if you want something sweet with a punch of caffeine. (Think mocha but with extra espresso.) Just make sure you tell your barista that you’ll be using the discount code for Starbucks Happy Hour today before they ring you up.

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