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Don’t forget the whipped cream during Starbucks Happy Hour today

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By now you’re probably waiting with bated breath each week to find out what the drink special is going to be through this fan favorite chain’s promotion. Not because you’re worried they won’t have one — they’ve been offering coffee for cheap once a week all summer long — but because you really really want the drink discount to apply to their Frappuccinos. So, is that the deal for Starbucks Happy Hour today? We know that’s what you’re hoping.

It’s no secret that fanatic fans of the chain are generally there for the Frappuccino, and the newest versions that the siren-clad coffee shop dreams up. Sure, some of us are there for the espresso drinks or a perfect flat white, but we might just be in the minority.

We would be remiss if we didn’t check that you have been taking Starbucks up on their drink discounts this summer. You have, right? The specials skew in favor of the beloved Frappuccinos, so we hope you’ve been saving off their signature drinks when you can. If not, don’t worry, there’s still a chance to save some dough. The chain does make you work just a little for it, though. There are two easy ways to get involved in the weekly promotion. We’ve outlined both, each of which will only take a couple of minutes, in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour to make it even easier for you. Go sign up now so you can cash in this afternoon.

Starbucks Happy Hour today

So what’s the drink discount on the table for Starbucks Happy Hour today? Frappuccino fans, get excited. While it’s not one of the BOGO offerings they sometimes dish out, you can nab one of those signature blended beverages for 50% off this afternoon. Just make sure you know when happy hour is for Starbucks so you don’t miss out on this sweet deal.

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And seriously, don’t forget the whipped cream. It’s been a rough week transitioning away from summer for all of us. Let them pile the whip high to soothe those back-to-work or back-to-school blues a little.


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