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Um, Johnny Depp is now creeping on Daisy Ridley

Johnny Depp, a melted pile of gel eyeliner with a crippling scarf addiction, has found his newest fountain of youth.

According to Celebitchy, the 53-year-old has his eye on co-star Daisy Ridley, 24. Which makes sense, because it’s looking more and more like he dates young women to suck the life out of them in order to prolong his own.


Johnny Depp has far too much money on his hands

A source on set of “Murder on the Orient Express” says that Depp has developed a crush, and it is definitely not mutual. “Daisy’s in a tough spot. She clearly thinks the world of Johnny as an actor, but simply isn’t interested in pursuing a romance with him,” says the spy. “He isn’t accustomed to being turned down, especially by a younger actress. Johnny’s convinced that if he cleans up his act, Daisy might change her mind.”

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Exsqueeze me? It is far too late for Depp to clean up his act. He’s been a hot mess for a long time now, and at this point? There’s truly no turning back.

Better luck next time, Edward Scissorhands.

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